On the outskirts of Odessa, Texas Claire's friend Zach videotapes her climbing to the top of an abandoned oil refinery. Once Claire reaches the top, which is approximately seventy to eighty feet off the ground she climbs over the railing and jumps off falling hard to the ground below. Zach moves closer to the spot where Claire hit the ground as Claire lies motionless. Then Claire suddenly picks herself up off the ground and proceeds to snap her obviously dislocated shoulder back into place while looking into the camera saying her name and numbering her jump as "attempt number 6".

Later as Claire and Zach are walking home Zach reviews the video footage they have taken that afternoon about her ability to regenerate and heal without any scratches but still feel pain tape. When Claire, whose cheerleading outfit is stained with blood, says she is depressed Zach cannot understand because he thinks Claire's abilities are the coolest thing to happen in Odessa in a hundred years. Zach asks Claire why she wanted him to tape her using her ability but Claire won't tell him her reasons. Claire freaks out because she thinks her life as she knows it is over, with a football game the next week, the SATs next month, homecoming three weeks away, and she feels like a freak show. Zach thinks she is being a little over-dramatic but Claire disagrees because she has broken every bone in her body, stabbed herself in the chest, stuck a two foot thick steel rod through her neck and she doesn't have a scratch on her. Just then Zach notices two of Claire's ribs poking out of her skin through her cheerleading top. Claire quickly pushes the ribs back inside her body and the wounded skin spontaneously heals itself closed. Claire asks for the tape they made and Zach hands it over. Zach offers Claire a ride on the handlebars of his bike. Claire thanks him for his help and promises to talk to him in front of people at school the next day.