Yamagato Industries was a large corporation in Tokyo, Japan. Its CEO was Kaito Nakamura until his murder at the hands of Adam Monroe (AKA Takezo Kensei), after which his daughter Kimiko Nakamura took his place - at least until the return of her brother Hiro Nakamura from the time of feudal Japan. Upon his return to the present timeline, Hiro had matured enough to take up his father's mantle and was willingly given a controlling interest in Yamagato by his sister, who subsequently stepped down as CEO to take over the Yamagato Foundation.

Yamagato was the hiding place for one half of The Formula - a creation capable of bestowing Super human Powers upon normal human-beings. The other half was kept by Angela Petrelli and The Company. The formula was torn in half by its guardian, Kaito Nakamura, after Hiro appeared in the past to try and destroy it so it could not be used in his present and the future. As shown in the events of Volume Three: "Villains", both halves of the formula were stolen by operatives of Pinehearst Industries, controlled from behind the scenes by Arthur Petrelli, previously assumed dead.


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