Wandering Rocks Pub is the pub in Cork, Ireland belonging to Ricky.


It is a typical pub: desk, taps, shelves, tables, chairs, mobster running it (joke).

Ricky and Caitlin are the only people we see working in the pub, but there must be more.

Peter is held in the back room after Ricky finds him in the empty container. Caitlin looks after him and brings him water to wash him. Caitlin hides a gun under the counter in case Ricky is out and people come who intend to cause a lot of trouble, but when this happens she is caught, then Peter rescues her. There is a fire place, and it is infront of this fireplace Ricky gives Peter the box with his belongings in.

Elle kills Ricky in this pub, she is looking for Peter when Ricky tells her he doesn't know this Peter she turns to leave then turns back after locking the door and uses her power to kill him. Outside the pub she speaks with her father on the phone, we can see the outside of the pub with it's name written above the windows on a black background, in gold that is beginning to rust.

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