Vortex Creation (also known as Gravitational Manipulation) is the power Stephen Canfield possesses. It is the ability to create vacuums similar to black holes that draw the surrounding matter into them. You can hop into it and nothing else can get in it. When the enemies come just jump in to another deminsion.

Description Edit

The vortices look like small black holes surrounded by blue/gray clouds with lightning, similar to storm clouds.

Stephen has the ability to change the size of the vortices from a few centimeters to about a meter in diameter. He has the ability to create these vortices at will, but he sometimes accidentally creates them when he gets angry. He can also close them at will. It is assumed that the vortices will also close themselves when Stephen leaves the area after a short amount of time. The vortex that Stephen drew himself into closed immediately after him. It is unknown if he can create vortices somewhere that he cannot see, because it is only shown that he creates them where he can see.

Stephen seems to have good control over his ability, being able to disarm Claire when she comes after him. He is also immune to the vortices he creates unless he so chooses to be sucked up.

It is also unknown what power the vortices can possess on nearby objects. The strongest ever shown was able to draw in wooden floor boards and an average teenage girl despite her resistance.

Appendices Edit

  • Two people including himself were drawn into vortexes during Stephen Canfield's appearance on Heroes.

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