Heroes Godsend
Developer Adam Sklar
Episodes (Chapters: 10)
Preceded By Heroes

(Non-canon) Originally titled Heroes: Renatus in 2011[1], Heroes: Godsend is a fan Novel by Adam Sklar that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, Riley Stenson, searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him, whilst a couple of familiar faces join his quest. This novel was released on the 24th January 2016 and can be read on Wattpad or FanFiction.


Heroes: Godsend takes place in the United Kingdom in 2011, one year after the Sullivan Incident[2], Petrelli Manors have been placed around the world to aid refugees who have no home or families, and Riley Stenson finds himself outside one of these Manors with no memory of his life. He embarks on a search to discover the truth behind his identity and why he ended up outside Petrelli Manor with no memories whatsoever.


As an original story, Godsend surrounds a whole new set of characters who are struggling to find a place in this Brave New World, but as the story progresses, a couple of familiar characters from Heroes find their way into the story and help the Protagonist to take down the Preservation of Eden and the elusive Godsend Device, the crucial object from which the novel finds its name.


(With the exception of spoiler-related characters.)

  • Riley Stenson (Emotionally-powered Terrakinesis)
  • Unnamed due to spoilers. (Omnipotence)
  • Frank Bowman (Telepathy)
  • Emily Cooper (Emotional Manipulation/Memory Reading)
  • Owen Covington (Then: Memory Reading. Now: Time Manipulation)
  • Dillon Aldaine (Self-clone)
  • Quinton Walgrave (Grant and Take Life)
  • Jessica & Jennifer Anather [The JJ Twins] (Limited Telepathy and Precognitive Visions)
  • Hope (Energy Absorption)
  • Jared Quincy (Unknown)
  • 'The Nomad' (Ability Reflection/Telepathy)
  • 'The Clone' (Reduced Omnipotence)

Original Idea.

Heroes: Godsend was originally called Heroes Renatus when Adam Sklar had begun writing a spin-off story for Heroes, this was planned as a fan webseries that would have been uploaded to YouTube as a 13-part standalone series. This idea was initially posted to DeviantArt as a concept poster[1], inquiring as to whether it would be a project that people would like. When it became apparant that it would be far too difficult to produce the series, Adam Sklar decided to write Godsend as a novel instead. In 2014, the new Heroes series was surprisingly named Heroes Reborn. Renatus (Or Renautus as it is spelt in Heroes Reborn) means Reborn in Latin. It was even stranger when the first episode introduced the new company, Renautus. Shaking this off as one huge coincidence, Adam Sklar renamed the project to Heroes: Godsend, a much more appropriate title for the story that the novel surrounds.

Original Poster (And Upload Date)


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