ok so yeah lets vote and see who as fans is our fav person you can only vote for 4 people each round every round tings will change and after how evr many rounds we'll find out who is THE GREATEST HERO OR VILLIAN  so lets get started

You can Pick:Peter, Nathen, Syler, Angala, Arthur,Bob,Maya,Clarie,Noah,The Hatian,Samuel,Hiro,Ando,Issac,DL,Niki/Jessica,Tracy,Alejando,Matt,Molly,Mohinder,Kensi[Adam],Micah,Monica,Elle,West,Mr Mruggles,Gretchan,lyle,Mr.Bennet,Danko,Daphne,The NightMere Man[Matts father],Doyle,lydia,Charlie,Emma,Lindermen,Edgar

ill add more on the next round if theres some i missed

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