Using her ability to freeze anything, Tracy Strauss has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of the following victims.

List of VictimsEdit


  • Dan Albertson — Tracy impales him with icicles as he sleeps. (Ice Queen, Part 2)
  • Danko's team members — Tracy uses her ability in conjunction with activated sprinklers to freeze several members of Danko's team. (Cold Snap)
  • Eli's clones — Pursuing Eli, Tracy fights her way through several of his clones. (Prodigals, Part 1)
  • Kent Harper — Tracy uses her ability to drown him. (An Invisible Thread)
  • Knox — Tracy kills Knox with her ability just as he is about to kill Nathan with his. (Dual)
  • Mark Leggett — Tracy kills Mark in front of Nathan and Abby Collins. (Building 26)
  • Jim McCann — In the first manifestation of her ability, Tracy freezes the reporter until he shatters and breaks into pieces. (The Butterfly Effect)
  • Wade Winslow — Tracy turns him into an ice sculpture, killing him. (Ice Queen, Part 2)
  • Bob Yuleberg — Tracy drowns him in his own shower, killing him. (Ice Queen, Part 2)

Other VictimsEdit

  • Claire Bennet — Tracy accidentally freezes Claire, and snaps off her foot, but Claire regenerates. (Brother's Keeper)
  • Noah Bennet — Tracy begins to drown him in his own car. (Ice Queen, Part 2)
  • Edgar — Tracy freezes his forearm and one of his knives. (Orientation)
  • Masked gunman — Tracy uses her ability on one of Danko's agents. However, because he is wearing a freezeproof uniform, he is unaffected. (A Clear and Present Danger)
  • Mohinder Suresh — After reasoning with Mohinder, Tracy lures Mohinder into holding her hand. When he does, she freezes his hand and causes him to moan painfully. (Dying of the Light)
  • Jonas Zimmerman — Tracy, desperate to get rid of her ability, begins to freeze Dr. Zimmerman's arms. However, she calms down and stops before the results are fatal. (I Am Become Death)
  • Becky Taylor — Tracy sends out a wave of freezing air that freezes Becky. Her current fate is unknown. (Reaching Out, Part 2)

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