The Outbreak Future
The Outbreak Future
First Mentioned: The Line
Outcome: Millions of people die

The Outbreak Future is the future where the Shanti Virus has been released into the population, thus leaving New York an abandoned wasteland.


In "The Line", Peter and Caitlin teleport to new york, only to find it deserted. The streets are covered in trash and litter. Peter looks on the ground and notices a evacuation notice, it's dated June 14, 2008. In the background.

In "Out of Time", Peter and Caitlin walk through the empty streets of NY. Peter yells through out the streets to see if anyone is around. No one responds but a truck pulls up, and a CDC hazmat crew jumps out of it, they take both Peter and Caitlin. They are given showers and separated. A Homeland Security agent tells him that Caitlin will be deported back to Ireland, and he then hands Peter his death certificate. Peter wants to know what has happened, the Agent tells him that the Shanti Virus wiped out 93% of the world's population.

Peter is then showed the room where they keep the bodies. Agent Howard takes Peter to see his mother. She tells Peter that she's there to help him remember who he is. Angela explains that she knows about his power, and tells him that his Nathan died in the first outbreak. Angela tells him to return to the past and change the future. Peter goes into his mother's mind, and remembers who she is. As Peter is leaving with Angela, yells his name from the deportation line. They attempt to grab a hold of each other, but Caitlin is dragged away before Peter can reach her. Peter then disappears from the future.

In "Truth & Consequences", Peter travels back to the future and sees himself along with Caitlin being taken away again, he's seeing what he's already experienced. He grabs a evacuation notice and returns to the past.

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