Telepathy is the power to mentally receive and transmit information. Users are often called Telepaths or Mind Readers.

Also Called Edit

  • Mind reading

Capabilites Edit

There are two forms of this ability. The first being Telepathic Communication, which is to transmit information from one's mind to another. The second being Telepathic Perception, which is to receive information from another mind.

Telepathic Defense Edit

  • Illusion Manipulation- As it is seen many times by Matt Parkman and Maury Parkman
  • Psychic Shadow- As it is seen when Maury Parkman blocks Molly Walker's ability of Clairvoyance
  • Psychic Shield- When Maury blocks Matt from reading his mind

Telepathic Offense Edit

  • Mind Control - When Matt and Maury control others via thought process.
  • Telepathic Pushing - When Matt implanted Nathan's memories into Sylar.
  • Telepathic Torture - When Maury tortured Matt after he tried to read his mind.
  • Mind Exchange - When Sylar left Matt's body and went into his own.
  • Psychic Inhibitors - Never seen but mentioned when Sylar asked Matt to block his abilities.
  • Dream Manipulation - When Matt put Sylar into a false reality in his mind.

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