Telekinesis is the power to move, manipulate and control objects with the mind, and without physical contact with the objects. A particularly powerful telekinetic might be able to control individual atoms, or control objects over extremely long distances.

Also CalledEdit

  • Psychokinesis
  • Object Movement
  • Mind Power


Most users of the power tend to find it easier to use if expressed through some motion of the hands (Brian Davis, not knowing this, had far less control over it than the more powerful Peter and Sylar). Telekinesis' strength seems to be far beyond that of any human potential, including the advanced human strength of Niki Sanders and Knox. Sylar, for example, was able to flip a police van, while Peter demonstrated the capacity to tear down the door of a vault, ableit with much time and concentration. This ability has been used a number of times by Sylar to slice open other EVOs heads.

A person with telekinesis can also use it to levitate their own body, allowing them to float through the air, similar to Nathan Petrelli and West Rosen's power of Flight. Sylar has been seen doing this on one occasion to make a hasty escape.

Known UsersEdit