Tehmina was born and raised in London, England. She was a high achiever at school, finishing her education with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After completing school, she spent time traveling to various countries such as Africa and India. Tehmina returned to London where she promptly began to resume a hobby, singing/songwriting. Tehmina started her first acting classes to actually improve her songs meanings, but she found herself liking the studies and after a while, her career in acting was born. Tehmina often seperates her time living between Los Angeles and London. She has worked in a range of television and film roles. Her first movie appearance was in the Oscar nominated feature 'Children of Men' working onscreen with Clive Owen where she portrayed the eccentric Zara.


Tehmina is 5'2 tall.

Tehmina wears a size 2 dress.

Tehmina Sunny is of Indian background, but her nationality is British.


"Elevator" (2011)




"Eleventh Hour"


"Heroes" Children of Men

Love Struck

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