Taylor Kravid's father is an evo with the powers of healing. He was killed by Erica Kravid. Taylor's father was an evo with the ability to heal living things. He agreed to heal Erica's sick father in exchange for sexual favors from which Taylor was later born. After discovering Taylor's existence, the man attempted to take her from Erica, prompting Erica to kill him.


Heroes RebornEdit

At some point in the past, the man examines Erica Kravid's sick father with a stethoscope at the Kravids' home. He leads Erica into another room and beckons for her to sit down next to him. He tells her that he has given her father something for the pain but there is nothing else he can do, medically speaking. At that moment, a fly lands on a table next to him, and he slams it with his hand. He tells Erica that he has certain abilities "beyond medicinal", and heals the fly in front of her, causing it to fly away. He offers to heal her father, but tells Erica that she must keep it a secret. When Erica agrees, the man puts his hand on her leg and starts kissing her against her will. After their daughter Taylor is born, she falls sick, and Erica has no choice but to call the man again to heal her. When he arrives, he postulates that Taylor's sickness is likely due to a coldness in the air, and says that it looks to be fairly advanced. After he heals Taylor, the man remarks that she looks a lot like him. He tells Erica that Taylor could manifest an ability when she gets older, so it would be better if Taylor lived with him. When Erica objects, he tells her that she doesn't have a choice and starts to walk away. Panicking, Erica grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the man in the neck, killing him. ("Company Woman")


  • Healing: Taylor's father had the ability to heal living things. He first demonstrated his ability to Erica by healing a fly that he had whacked, causing it to instantly recover and fly away. He also later healed Mr. Kravid, and then Taylor Kravid when she fell sick. Like others with this ability, it required physical contact to work. Whenever he healed something, a bright light could be seen traveling through his fingers and into the target.