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Suggestion is the psionic ability to control the actions and thoughts of another individual through spoken commands. The ability appears to have a telepathic component, but it has not been shown used solely through telepathic projection; the command must be spoken in order to have an effect.

Victims appear to have a confused recall of events that occurred while under the influence of this power.

Characters who possess this ability Edit


  • Peter Petrelli although even if Peter gained this ability when he met Eden at Mohinder's apartment he lost it when his father took all his abilities.
  • Arthur Petrelli (deceased) taken from Peter

Suggestion is a distinctive, often trance-like mental state that is induced by an organized pattern of suggestions, usually verbal in nature, beginning with the suggestion of relaxation. The suggestions may be directly induced by a hypnotist in the presence of the subject, but may be also be self-induced (self-hypnosis or autohypnosis/auto-suggestion). The word 'hypnosis' itself is the invention of 19th century Scottish physician James Braid.

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