Character HistoryEdit

In "Our Father" Sue Landers was at work on her birthday, little did she know that Sylar, disguised as a delivery man, was waiting for her in her office. Sylar had retrieved Sue's name from Elle's Pinehearst Company cellular phone. He knew that she had a power that he wanted, Lie Detection. When Sue entered her office, he told her that he had a special delivery. Instantly, Sue knew he was lying. Sylar inquired as to how her ability worked and from there, the situation went downhill. He attacked and killed Sue to steal her ability.

After he had taken her ability, Sylar was interrupted by Sue's co-workers who had burst into her office to surprise her with birthday gifts and cake. Sylar smiled, said "Cake!" and then telekinetically shut the door. It is presumed that he killed the co-workers as well.


  • Sue's phone number is 714-555-0149 shown on Elle's Company phone.