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Overview Edit

Claire and Gretchen are in their room when 3 black-clad intruders try to kidnap them. Claire fight back before it turns out that it's actually the members of the Alpha Psi sorority taking the two of them to their initiation. And so, Claire and Gretchen are hooded, have their hands taped together and are dumped inside the trunk of a car, taken to a slaughterhouse. Claire is more annoyed, whereas Gretchen seems to be far more worried, breathing heavily. Claire takes off both her and Gretchen's hood and they talk about their relationship before they arrive at their destination;a slaughterhouse. They are rehooded and are taken inside the building alongside two other hooded potential members, Olivia and Ashley (both more scared than Claire and Gretchen, especially the latter). They are then left alone to complete their initiation by the sorority.


  • This is the first time since Exposed (or Trust In Blood if we're counting just in person instead of archive footage) where characters are seen hooded.
  • In a nice little detail, in the scenes where Claire and whoever's with her is hooded, Claire is shown to react much more calmly, or in the case of being inside the trunk with Gretchen, with belated sarcasm. This is most likely due to prior experience in the last volume where she was hooded (though drugged, in this episode, she's at least mostly aware she has a sack over her head the entire time) and that being kidnapped for an initiation is nothing compared to being kidnapped because of being a superpowered individual. Though it helps she knows she's being hooded for an initiation.
    • In comparison, Gretchen is shown to be breathing heavily inside the trunk before being unhooded by Claire, while inside the slaughterhouse, her, Olivia and Ashley, are startled by the loud noise made by the door closing before them (though Gretchen has a more subdued reaction than Olivia and Ashley which may have something to do with her knowing beforehand it was only an initiation whereas the latter two were taken by surprise).
      • Even the much older Tracy was much more scared when hooded compared to Claire, moving her head around in panic inside the van she was held in. Though in Tracy's case, at that point, she might as well lose whatever life she had. Claire got a slap on the wrist by comparison.