Little is known about Shanti Suresh. It is suggested that she possessed a genetic mutation that would have granted her superhuman abilities. It is revealed in "The Hard Part" that she suffered from an extremely rare virus which first suppressed whatever superhuman abilities she possessed, and later progressed to result in her death. Molly Walker was suffering from this same virus, until being cured by Mohinder.

Shanti's genetic mutation and untimely death that led her father Chandra, and later her younger brother Mohinder (albeit unknowingly at first), to pursue research related to human genetic mutation.

Trivia Edit

  • In Heroes Reborn: A Pinehearst file (number 79770688) for Shanti is found at the Quarry. The file notes, "Sister of Mohinder Suresh and daughter of Chandra Suresh. Died at the age of five. Chandra stated that Shanti was key to unlocking his studies into human evolution. The abilitiesshe possessed are unknown in nature but our data suggests that they were unique and remarkable."