Ryan Guzman
Formal Name: Ryan Anthony Guzman
Character: Carlos Gutierrez
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: September 21, 1987
Place of Birth: Abilene, Texas, USA

Ryan Anthony Guzman, Mexican/American actor and model. Born september 21, 1987 in Abilene, Texas. Guzman's original goal was to play baseball until he suffered a shoulder injury.

Acting CareerEdit

Guzman started off doing commercials in 2010 and then began acting classes and eventually signed on with a talent manager and went into the audition process as a professional actor. He really began his movie career in 2012, he has appeared in movies like "Step Up:Revolution", "April Rain", "Step Up:All In", and more recently,"The Boy Next Door". He also landed a recurring role in the ABC Family tv show"Pretty Little Liars".

Modeling CareerEdit

He moved to San francisco and began working with "Look" modeling agency for a while, he later joined the Wilhelmena agency.

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