Rya Kihlstedt
Character: Erica Kravid
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 23, 1970
Place of Birth: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Rya Kihlstedt, American actress, born July 23, 1970 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After graduating college, Rya moved to New york and started her very on theater company, then she decided to take a break and have a family,she has just recently decided to return to the screen, she is currently married to Gil Bellows and they have two kids together. Rya isnt just an actress, Kihlstedt silk screens, paints and is an editor for the The Laboratory Arts Collective magazines. She also creates beautiful handmade table linens for her company, Flight Home.

Acting CareerEdit

Kihlstedt has been acting in both film and television for years but her career really began in 1993, she has starred in many movies and shows but a few of her most memorable roles was the portrayal of Alice in "Home Alone 3", Laura in "Deep Impact", Linda Idleton in "NCIS", and even got a couple of recurring roles in Showtimes "Dexter" as Dr. Michelle Ross and ABC's "Nashville" as Marilyn Rhodes, as you can see, Rya has had a very successful career

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