Rob Brewer
Power Flight
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Active
Occupation Student
Family Information
First Episode Dark Matters: Chapter One
Portrayed By Michael Cox


Is a EVO that attends south western college. He possess the ability to fly.

Dark Matters: Chapter OneEdit

Rob made a online video demonstration of himself using his ability. He is outside sitting down playing on his guitar and talking to the camera. he hold up five fingers, suggesting that this is his fifth attempt.

Dark Matters: Chapter ThreeEdit

He is attending a pro-EVO rally at south western college to allow EVO's to attend there. He is floating in the air with his legs crossed and playing his guitar. The rally is then interrupted by people that are against EVO's attending the school, things get out of control and Phoebe Frady uses her ability to shut off all powers which led to Rob falling on the ground.

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