René (Villains future)
The Haitian (Villains future)
Nickname(s) The Haitian, Boy (by Guillame)
Power Mental Manipulation
Gender Male
Occupation Agent of Pinehearst Company
Residence formerly a village in Haiti
Family Information
Relationships Guillame (Father, deceased),
Baron Samedi (Half-Brother)

René is a agent at Pinehearst Company. He is a EVO with the ability of Mental Manipulation.

Character OverviewEdit

In "I Am Become Death" Four years in the future, René tries to stop Peter from running, but he doesn't succeed. He also blocks Future Peter's powers, allowing Future Claire to kill him. Later, Peter is captured and René stands by Claire's side to prevent Peter from traveling back to his own time.

René's AbilityEdit

This version of René seems to have not only the ability to manipulate the mind, the user can do three things: Erase memory, Render people incognitos and block powers from being used (note: does not work on invisbility).

See AlsoEdit

René for his present history.

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