Red Samurai
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Occupation Guide
Residence "Evernow"
Family Information
Relationships Hachiro Otomo (creator)
First Episode Odessa
Portrayed By Hiro Kanagawa

Red Samurai is a "Evernow" character whose mission is to guide Miko Otomo to the "Eternal Fortress".

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Odessa", the Red Samurai is in "Evernow" being dragged away by several other samurai's. Then Miko comes and recognizes the voice, it's her father's voice, Hachiro Otomo. Miko follows him and saves him from his captors but he is then taken away.

In "Game Over" Miko finds the Red Samurai once again, she believe him to be her father but he isn't the samurai is only a creation, he must guide Miko on her mission to the "Eternal Fortress". He tells her that it's the only prison that can contain the master of time and space.

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