Rebel is a mysterious character who sends messages to Superhumans. Rebel is eventually revealed to as Micah Sanders and a group of people.

Character HistoryEdit

When Rebel first became involved in the plot of Volume 4, it became known he was forming a resistance against Senator Nathan Petrelli's government operation to round up people posessing super-powered abilities.

Rebel first contacts Claire, who has been granted immunity from this operation by her father, Nathan. After Claire is sent home by her dads, Nathan and Noah, to live a normal life, Rebel, aware of Claire's free pass, texts Claire to seek her help with the resistance. Claire agrees to help hide people with powers from the government and her fathers and Rebel utilizes Claire and her free pass to rescue such people, like Alex and Eric Doyle. When Nathan's status as an evolved human is exposed and his authority over the operation ends, this prompts the end of Claire's free pass. Rebel warns her of this right before she is rescued by Nathan, who flies Claire to Mexico to keep her safe. This is Rebel's last contact with Claire, who is now off the radar as she is being hidden by her fathers, Noah and Nathan, from the government. 

In Cold Snap, Rebel helps Tracy Strauss, Matt Parkman, Daphne Millbrook and Mohinder Suresh out of Building 26. Tracy Strauss is going to take Rebel down in return for a free pass, but then she discovers who Rebel is (Micah Sanders) and changes her mind. Rebel and Tracy have to escape though.

The government operation is ended at the end of Volume Four after Nathan, Angela, Peter, Claire, and Noah unite as a family to shut it down with the help of Matt Parkman. 

After the events of Volume Four, Micah and his team are seen in the iStory 'Faction Zero.' They are in contact with Claire and her friends to drive a dangerous group of people (lead by Eric Thomas Jr.) out of town. 


Rebel turns out to be Micah Sanders, which explains the previously unexplainable and elaborate hacking used by that character.