Physical Manipulation, is a ability that allows the possessor to take full control of another persons body and control all of their movements.

Also CalledEdit

  • Physical Manipulation
  • Manipulation of others
  • Puppet Mastering
  • Puppeteering


Eric Doyle's ability to remotely manipulate the movements of others, sometimes moving his fingers as if controlling a puppet, or forcing his victims to mirror him, ergo the name "Puppet Master" The possessor is able to for unwilling participants into doing anything he wants. So far is hasn't been made possible for someone to break his hold. With this ability the user can make a person attack themselves if that's what they desire. Its been shown that this ability can restrain at least three people at a time, this was shown when Eric Doyle was able to take control of Claire Bennet, Sandra Bennet and Meredith Gordon, all at the same time.

Known Users Edit