Power Replication is an artificial power that allows the user to absorb one advanced human power at a time. Physical contact is necessary for the duplication.

The original advanced human is unaffected by this duplication.

The duplicator does not retain access to a powers indefinitely. Once he duplicates another power he can no longer access previously duplicated powers at will, but based on how Peter from the future can use multiple powers without losing any of his powers, he might just have to regain his sense of empathy, the source of his original powers, that he lost after his powers were stolen.

Characters who posses this abilityEdit

See alsoEdit

  • For Arthur Petrelli's power to rob the powers of other advanced humans by direct physical contact, see power theft.
  • For Sylar's power to replicate the powers of other advanced humans by directly examining their brains to perceive how their powers function, see perceptive replication.
  • For Peter's original power to reproduce the powers of other advanced humans through close proximity, see power reproduction.

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