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Peter Petrelli (Infection Future) is a version of Peter Petrelli from an Alternate Universe.

Character Overview Edit

One possible version of Peter Petrelli is the version that exists in Adam Monroe's future

Four years in the future, the majority of the population has powers. Not much is known about this future, only that the original Heroes are in a war between those who want equality among all people to have powers and those that believe that there is a great danger to the world from everyone having powers. Peter is shot by Claire, only to stop the bullet and teleport to the present time. There, he sees Nathan Petrelli conducting his speech and admittance of his powers. He shoots him twice before he can finish his speech and leaves the area. Present Peter Petrelli follows him with Matt Parkman behind him. They are lead into a bathroom, left empty after the apparent escape of Future Peter. Turns out Future Peter placed Peter in Jesse Murphy's body, and posed as Peter.

He later goes back to get the gun, when Matt busts him. Future Peter tells Matt it couldn't be many places to stash the gun. Matt asks how Peter knew he stashed it. Matt attempts tob read Peter's mind when he gets canceled out. Future Peter reveals himself to Matt, and sends him to Africa. He goes to see Nathan, but he isn't there. He goes outside, and sees a couple of camera-men going into the chapel next door. There, he keeps an eye on Nathan, and is ready to fire if he tries to reveal his secret to the world. He does not, however.

Angela finds Peter in his apartment creating a string web/map hybrid. She warns him of his mistake by coming to the past and tells him of the "The Butterfly Effect: Step on a butterfly now, and in three years a million people die. He refuses to heed her warnings.

Claire is standing on railroad tracks and about to be hit by an on coming train. Peter swoops in just in time to save her. Claire begs him to help her learn to defend herself against people like Sylar. Peter refuses, not wanting to cause greater changes and teleports away.

At Level 5 of The Company, Peter is astonished to find Sylar unconscious in a cell and all the others empty. Angela appears and tells him once again of the butterfly effect and the dangers of it. She tells him the inmates escaped, and Peter panics. He tells Angela he put his present day self in the body of Jesse Murphy. An enraged Angela screams at a departing Peter to get her son back and go back to where he came from.

Future Peter briefly visits Nathan in his office and explains he is trying to find his younger self. He later arrives at the First Federal Bank of New York just as Peter uses Murphy's power to incapacitate Flint and Knox. After stopping time and releasing his younger self from Murphy's body, Future Peter and Peter travel to the future.

Future Peter and present-day Peter arrive in New York, four years in the future. Peter remarks that things seem exactly the same as they did in his time, but future Peter tells him there is one big difference. They witness a person rush past them and two businessmen fly off into the air. Then they step out into the open to see hundreds of people flying around the city. Future Peter says that this is what Peter needs to prevent, because now abilities are available to anyone who has the means to obtain them and shows him a painting of the world splitting in half, which he drew on the side of a building. Peter explains that he has foreseen in both paintings and dreams that the world will be destroyed by people with abilities. He tells Peter to find Sylar (Villain's Future), because his ability is the only thing that will allow Peter to figure out how to properly mend the timeline and that he can't do it himself because he made too many mistakes trying. Suddenly, Claire Bennet (Villains future) shoots future Peter in the chest, killing him as the René (Villains future) blocks him from regenerating. She is shocked to see another Peter and attempts to shoot him but misses. Later, Peter's body is laid out on a slab; when he is captured, Present Peter is tied up next to him.

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