Oscar Gutierrez was the masked Vigilante known as El Vengador. He is the brother of Carlos Gutierrez. After the events that took place on June 13th. Oscar became a vigilante and he created El Vengador's Underground Railroad to help get EVO to safety.


Heroes RebornEdit

In "Brave New World (Reborn)", Oscar seems to have some bad feelings towards Carlos, they argue over how he left and didn't join the family business. He's in a underground room beneath the garage trying to patch himself up but it doesn't work and he collapses, before he dies, he asks Carlos to put on the mask and become El Vengador because the EVOs still need a hero.

In "Sundae, Bloody Sundae", Matt Parkman, also known as the director of Sunstone Manor used his ability to make Jose see Oscar in his El Vengador. They are talking, Jose appears to be happy. Jose believed this to be real, however, it was only a mind trick.


  • Enhanced Strength: Oscar had the ability of enhanced strength which enabled him to jump down from a building onto a car unharmed, send a man flying across an alleyway with a single hit, Crush a gun, and throw a large man through a wall effortlessly.