Oliver Grigsby is an episode and graphic novel writer for Heroes. He was also a script coordinator during Season One, and was promoted to be a writers' assistant during Season Two. In Season Three he was also an episode writer and wrote the episode Shades of Gray. Ollie also helped write the Slow Burn webisodes with Zach Craley, Jim Martin, Foz McDermott, and Harrison Wilcox. As of 2nd November, Oliver Grigsby will be a staff writer.


Never appearing on-screen, Oliver has been an essential behind-the-scenes player for the shows Crossing Jordan (created by Tim Kring), American Dreams, and Las Vegas. He is also known for his graphic novels. While still in college, Oliver produced the student film Before the Styx with Harrison Wilcox; the film won the Best Picture award at the 2005 Baldwin Awards.

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  • Jason Badower used Oliver Grigsby's likeness to create the character Lee. As well, Oliver's fiancée's likeness and name was used for Abigail. In the end of the summer of 2009, the real life Oliver and Abigail got married.