Odessa Unity Summit
Odessa summit
First Mentioned: Dark Matters: Chapter Three
Outcome: Unity between EVOs and Humans

The Odessa Unity Summit was a meeting between humans and evolved humans to unite. It was held of June 13th 2014, in Odessa, Texas.



After Claire Bennet's decision to reveal the existence of evolved humans to the world(EVOs), more and more began to emerge. Eventually, tension began between the humans and the EVOs, soon the discrimination began, they were forced to register. This disdain between the two races led to a three day summit in Odessa, TX, in efforts to unite everyone.

The Summit was held at Primatech Paper which at the time was secretly ran by Erica Kravid and Renautas. Leading expert on anything EVO, Mohinder Suresh referred to the Summit as a "the dawn of a new era of man". The Summit attracted major attention, there were several different news crews from all over.

At exactly 11:14, the sky darkened, it completely eclipsed the sun, some thought it to be a natural occurrence but Noah Bennet and Caspar Abraham noticed almost immediately that something wasn't right, so Noah shoots a round into the sky and tells everyone to go. Thousand of people died on that day, however there were survivors. Mohinder Suresh was blamed as the master mind behind the Odessa attack, he was claimed to be assisted by Phoebe Frady and Patrick Ottinger. Suresh was labeled as a EVO terrorist.

One year later, the site of the explosion is still completely destroyed. There's nothing there but the demolished remains of the building but that's only what Renautas wants people to believe because underneath all of the chaos and destruction is a fully functional base of operations. This single event changed everything for the EVOs, they became the hunted, they were killed in some countries just for being what they are.

Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura time traveled back to this event to stop the explosion but ultimately they fail because stopping the explosion would be stepping on too many butterflies.


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