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Character HistoryEdit

Nana is kin to Micah Sanders' father, D.L. Hawkins, and is the only person that Niki Sanders felt comfortable with giving Micah to while she tended to some things in season 2. Later, in Volume 4, she is captured along with her grandchildren. At an airplane hangar, Nana along with Monica (but strangely no Damon) are hooded, drugged and dressed in an orange jumpsuit and are later seen being loaded onto the plane. However, she wasn't undrugged and unhooded by Claire. The plane later falls down and she (along with her granddaughter) miraculously survive but are recaptured.


  • Curiously, Nana is captured and put on Flight 195, even though she isn't an evolved human. Although her granddaughter has an ability, so she might have one too. Then again,they could've kept her like that so she wouldn't tell anyone what they are planning. On the other hand, they could've just sent her to Building 26.
    • She (like the other Dawsons) only appears in Volume 2. She technically does appear in Volume 4 as one of the hooded prisoners. Much like every other unknown and still hooded prisoner, her actor is uncredited.