Mohinder Suresh (Villains future)
Mohinder Suresh (Villains future)
Power Mohinder's power
Gender Male
Occupation former Agent of The Company
Residence New York, NY;
formerly Madras, India
Family Information
Relationships Maya Herrera (former Girlfriend),
Mira Shenoy (former Girlfriend),
Chandra Suresh (Father, deceased),
Unnamed Mother (Mother),
Unnamed Grandmother (Grandmother),
Shanti Suresh (Big Sister, deceased)

Mohinder Suresh was a agent at The Company. He is a EVO with the ability of Mohinder's power.

Character OverviewEdit

In "I Am Become Death" Fours years from now, Mohinder is holed up inside Isaac's loft. He wears a hood over his head and is hidden in shadow. When Peter Petrelli finds him, he proclaims that injecting himself with his ability induction serum was a mistake, and that his formula was flawed. He pleads with Peter not to find Sylar due to the dangerous nature of Sylar's ability, but Peter nonetheless learns from Mohinder where Sylar is.

Mohinder's AbilityEdit

This version of Mohinder seems to have not only the ability to Possess enhanced human senses, instinct, and strength, and to create cocoons.

See AlsoEdit

Mohinder Suresh for his present history.

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