This is one alternate version of Matt that exists in a future in which Linderman's plan for a nuclear bomb to destroy New York City is successful.


Five Years GoneEdit

In Five Years Gone, Following the destruction of New York City, Matt Parkman rises to be the head of Department of Homeland Security. Part of his job includes monitoring the actions of other evolved humans and tracking down evolved human terrorists, such as Hiro Nakamura.

On November 8, 2011, on the fifth anniversary of the explosion in New York, Matt tracks Hiro down to the apartment of Isaac Mendez. There, he manages to arrest a Hiro Nakamura, but, unbeknownst to him, this Hiro had just arrived from 2006, and the current Hiro escapes with Ando. Matt questions Hiro while the Haitian prevents him from teleporting away, but they learn nothing from him. When Mohinder Suresh realizes that Hiro can not only bend space, but time as well, Matt is not happy as it means that there are now two Hiros.

He is soon contacted by Bennet, with whom Matt has an agreement that Bennet will betray any dangerous evolved humans to Homeland Security for the chance to protect the rest by sending them into hiding. Bennet informs Matt of Hiro's presence at the Primatech facility. Matt manages to catch Hiro and Ando in Bennet's office, but they are soon rescued by Peter Petrelli.

After the failed ambush, Matt confronts Bennet. He asks Bennet for any word from Janice, to which, Bennet produces a picture drawn by Matt and Janice's son, Matthew. Afterward, Matt questions Bennet about where Claire is, revealing his knowledge that she is alive, and it is revealed that he and his men have already killed Hana. When Bennet refuses to cooperate, Matt reads his mind and discovers the secret of Claire's location before shooting Bennet.

Matt goes to the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX, and captures Claire. He then takes her to the Petrelli mansion in New York. He informs the President about the existence of two Hiros and tells him about Claire. He then offers to kill Hiro, whom they already have in custody, but the President assigns that task to Mohinder. Later, when the Homeland Security facility is attacked by Future Hiro, Peter and Ando, Matt and his men form a last line of defense within range of the Haitian's power-cancellation. However, the tables are turned when Mohinder kills the Haitian, and the attackers manage to reach the captive Hiro. Matt manages to shoot Future Hiro twice before being locked out of the room by Peter. He then calls the President to inform him of the situation.

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