Character OverviewEdit

Luke Campbell is an advanced human who recently got into trouble for getting into a fight at school. After Sylar was attacked by Homeland Security Agents in his father, Samson Gray's home he took one of his attackers hostage in the Campbell's home and used screwdrivers to nailed him to a chair. After Luke demonstrates his power for Sylar in an effort to keep Sylar from torturing his mother Luke kills the agent with his power. Luke leaves his old life behind and joins Sylar on his journey to find his biological parents.

According to Sylar, Luke possesses many traits that he does; Luke's father is not present, he dislikes his mother, he feels lonely and wants to be special, and possesses a power that makes him "special".


Luke has the power to radiate microwave rays. His power has a variety of effects, depending on what it is used on, though the general effect of this power is to increase temperature at a chosen location.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Are Sylar and Luke related?

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"Let's go to a skanky diner and get some pie or something!"