All the abilities exhibited by Evolved Humans in the Television show Heroes and Heroes Reborn.

Ability Description Carriers
Activation and Deactivation Ability to activate or deactivate any object (Electronic, mechanical, human, etc.) Matt Parkman Jr.
Chrysopoeia Ability to turn objects into gold Bob Bishop, Gabriel Gray
Clairvoyance Ability to sense the locations of others Molly Walker
Cloning Ability to multiply a body into various clones Eli, M.F. Harris
Cryokinesis Ability to generate and manipulate ice James Walker, Gabriel Gray, Peter Petrelli, Tracy Strauss
Disintegration Ability to disintegrate objects Tom Miller, Gabriel Gray
Dream manipulation Ability to manipulate the dreams of others Sanjog Iyer
Electrokinesis Ability to generate and control lightning Elle Bishop, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Arthur Petrelli, Ando Masahashi
Electronic communication Ability to receive and transmit electronic signals (Phone calls, text message, etc.) Hana Gitelman
Elemental Control Elemental Control is the ability to manipulate and control the elements. Malina
Empathic Mimicry (multiple abilities possible at the same time) Ability to reproduce and use any power you come in contact with Peter Petrelli
Empathy Ability to sense someone's desires, history, and dreams by touch Lydia, Gabriel Gray
Enhanced Memory Ability to remember everything perfectly Charlie Andrews, Gabriel Gray
Fire Breathing Ability to breath fire Jennie Bowman, Gale Bowman, Chris Bowman
Flight Ability to fly and levitate Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Arthur Petrelli, West Rosen
Healing Ability to heal others from almost any wound Daniel Linderman, Ishi Nakamura
Heliokinesis Ability to manipulate solar energy. Luke Collins
Hypnosis Ability to sedate any living creature Samson Gray
Illusion Ability to generate illusions Candice Wilmer, Peter Petrelli
Intuitive Aptitude Ability to understand how things work just by seeing them, can include an overwhelming hunger for power Gabriel Gray, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli
Invisibility Ability to turn invisible Claude Rains, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Rebecca Taylor & Farah Nazan
Invulnerability Ability to withstand anything without injury Baron Samedi
Lie detection Ability to detect lies Sue Landers, Gabriel Gray
Liquification Ability to liquify solid objects Zane Taylor, Gabriel Gray
Memory Manipulation Ability to alter the memories of others The Haitian, Peter Petrelli, Damian
Magnetism Ability to control magnetic fields to manipulate objects The German
Metal mimicry Ability to transform body parts into metal Danny Pine
Microwave Ray Radiation Ability to project microwave beams Luke Campbell
Muscle mimicry Ability to execute any physical action you see flawlessly Monica Dawson
Phasing Ability to phase through solid objects D.L. Hawkins, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli
Physical manipulation Ability to manipulate the physical actions of people Eric Doyle, Gabriel Gray
Plague Secretion Ability to envenom living organisms nearby Maya Herrera, Arthur Petrelli
Plant Manipulation Ability to control, manipulate, and accelerate plant life Ian Michaels
Power absorption Ability to steal the abilities of others and use them as your own Arthur Petrelli
Power amplifying Ability to amplify the abilites of others Ando Masahashi, Paulette Hawkins
Power Immunity Ability to ignore the effects of powers used on you Alejandro Herrera
Power negation Ability to block the abilities of others The Haitian, Peter Petrelli
Power Replication
(one ability at a time)
Ability to copy an ability you come in physical contact with Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli
Precognition Ability to study situations and predict the outcome Kaito Nakamura
Precognitive Dreaming Ability to dream the future Angela Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli
Precognitive painting Ability to paint, draw, or otherwise illustrate the future Isaac Mendez, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Arthur Petrelli, Usutu, Matt Parkman
Psychometry Ability to see an objects history Bridget Bailey Gabriel Gray
Pyrokinesis Ability to generate and control fire Flint Gordon, Meredith Gordon, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Chris Bowman, Gail Bowman, Jenny Bowman
Radiation emission Ability to generate and manipulate radiation Ted Sprague, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Arthur Petrelli
Rapid Cellular Regeneration Ability to heal from any wound including death Claire Bennet, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Adam Monroe, Arthur Petrelli
Seismic Burst The ability to create a shockwave from your hand. Mr. Shaw
Shape shifting Ability to transform one's appearance to mimic other people James Martin, Gabriel Gray
Sirenship Ability to see sound as colors, manipulate sound waves into offensive blasts, and send out attractive sound waves. Emma Coolidge, Peter Petrelli
Sound Manipulation Ability to generate supersonic wails Jesse Murphy, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray, Echo DeMille
Space-time manipulation ability to control the space/time continuum, allowing teleportation, stopping/slowing/speeding of time and reversal of time. Hiro Nakamura
Spider Mimicry Ability to grow spider-like legs on his back Caleb
Spontaneous Combustion
(see also Pyrokinesis)
Ability to explode things using the mind Amanda Strazzulla
Suggestion Ability to control the actions and thoughts of another individual through spoken commands. Eden McCain
Super Hearing Ability to hear at ranges not normally possible Dale Smither, Gabriel Gray
Super Speed Ability to move at speeds faster than normally possible Daphne Millbrook Peter Petrelli, Edgar, Arthur Petrelli
Super Strength Ability to exert more strength than normally possible Nikki Sanders, Peter Petrelli, Benjamin "Knox" Washington Arthur Petrelli, Scott, Joseph Sullivan
Technopathy Ability to manipulate machines and networks Micah Sanders
Telekinesis Ability to manipulate objects with ones mind Gabriel Gray, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Brian Davis, Samson Gray
Telepathy Ability to read the minds of others, as well as alter their pereceptions, control them and manipulate memory Matt Parkman, Peter Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Arthur Petrelli, Charles Deveaux
Teleportation Ability to transport anywhere Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Arnold, Rachel Mills
Terrakinesis Ability to manipulate the ground, dust, rock, minerals, etc. Samuel Sullivan, Peter Petrelli
Time Travel Ability to control the flow of time Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Arnold
Underwater breathing Ability to withstand environments normal lungs wouldn't be able to (Smoke, water, etc.) Alex Woolsley
Vortex creation Ability to generate and control vortexes Stephen Canfield
Water mimicry Ability to mimic water and control your body in its liquid state Tracy Strauss
Weather manipulation Ability to control weather conditions; rain, snow, lightning & hail Alice Shaw

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