Dr. Jonas Zimmerman, portrayed by Ronald Guttman, was a former employee of The Company. He helped create the formula that granted synthetic abilities to normal Humans. Under Company orders, he delivered Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss, as well as their third sister Barbara, and gave them their abilities in infancy. After his tenure with The Company was over, however, many of his memories of employment there were erased by The Haitian. It was later revealed in the episode 1961 that he was working with Chandra Suresh at Coyote Sands, conducting research on posthumans for the government, Project Icarus.

In the graphic novel "From the Files of Primatech: 1991", as Bob tried to deal with his young daughter Elle, Jonas eavesdropped on his conversation with Charles Deveaux, and then suggested that Bob treat Elle as any other Advanced Human and test her abilities, which Bob easily agreed. Here, Jonas was also seen bringing young Simone Deveaux to her father, Charles, along with Barbara; the two girls seem to be friends.


  • One of Us, One of Them
  • I am Become Death
  • 1961