Jessica Edward Thomas (born 11th November 1986) is the main protagonist of A Shadow Of Evil book series, by Mahad Kazi. She is generous, honest and stoic. She is the only girl born in the Thomas family. She is a descendant to her great-great-grandfather, Marshall. Jessica's biggest archenemy is Steven, her ancestor's brother, who wants to kill Jessica to avenge his wife's murder.

Early life Edit

When Jessica was only one year old, she was found at the doorstep of Johnsons. Johnsons were very gluttonous and cruel. They were extremely barbaric to Jessica and always taunted and thwarted Jessica. They marked themselves as Jessica's parents and didn't let Jessica know the truth. Jessica's aunt, somehow, found her and told her the truth. Her aunt took Jessica along with her. No one knew who kept her there.

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