Tracy's killing ways begin to weigh on her soul. Tracy convinced Micah to give her a list of former Building 26 employees, wanting revenge for being captured, tortured, and shot. While at first reluctant to trust Tracy with the information, Micah learns more about what she's been through, and eventually agrees to give her the information on the condition that Tracy doesn't kill anyone, just prevents them from hurting anyone else. Tracy tracks down Wade Winslow and immediately breaks that promise.


Tracy reflects on her kills of Building 26 agents Wade Winslow, Dan Albertson, Bob Yuleberg and Kent Harper, and her growing feeling of regret for her crimes. Believing it to be a necessary evil, Tracy continues to her next victim, Noah Bennet. She looks on as she fills his car with water and hears him call to her that she doesn't have to do this anymore.

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Wade
  • Tracy
  • Bob Yuleberg
  • Dan Albertson
  • Harper
  • Noah


  • Noah's last name is misspelled "Bennett" in this graphic novel.

External LinksEdit

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