Is Tracy on the cold path of revenge? After being captured, imprisoned, and tortured by the government at Building 26, Tracy Strauss managed to escape with the help of Micah Sanders a.k.a. Rebel.

To avoid both Micah and herself being captured, Tracy used her ice powers to stop her former captors, Danko and Noah Bennett sic. In the process she was shot and presumed killed when her body shattered apart.


In a diner, Tracy is talking to Micah about taking revenge on the Building 26 agents who imprisoned her. She tells Micah that someone needs to make them pay for what they did. Micah makes it clear he does not want Tracy to kill anyone and then asks her what caused her to hate them so much. Tracy then remembers being shot by Danko, melting into water and reforming, but doesn’t want to talk about it.

Now outside the diner, Tracy promises to make the agents pay but not to kill anyone. Micah believes her and gives her a list of names and addresses of former Building 26 agents. In New Jersey, in Wade Winslow's home, Wade sits in a hot tub smoking a cigar when the tip freezes. Wade turns to find Tracy with her hands frozen, saying he's making it way too easy.

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Micah
  • Tracy
  • Noah
  • Danko
  • Wade Winslow


  • Noah's surname was spelled incorrectly in the first page, with an extra "t".

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