Ice Man
Ice man
Power Cryokinesis
Gender Male
Age Unknwon
Status Deceased
Family Information
First Episode Brave New World (Reborn)
Last Episode June 13th - Part Two
Portrayed By Greg Calderone

The Ice Man was a EVO with Cryokinesis. He was killed by Joanne Collins, he was her first kill.

Character OverviewEdit

He was a performer that put on a show for the crowd at the Odessa Unity Summit.

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Brave New World (Reborn)", June 13th, 2014, the Ice Man is is attending the Odessa Unity Summit. He's using his ability of Cryokinesis to put on a show for the crowd.

In "June 13th - Part One", he is performing tricks with his freezing powers, he does things like make snowballs and even freeze water and throws it into the air to make it seems as if it's snowing, the crowd is amazed by his act, including Luke, Joanne and Dennis Collins. Later he is about to freeze Dennis' balloon but the sky darkens, it covers the entire summit and his powers won't work. The building explodes, he is trapped under pieces from the building, however Luke helps him out.

In "June 13th - Part Two", Ice Man shows up at Luke and Joanne Collins hotel room. He wants to thank Luke for saving him but Joanne gets mad because Luke spent time saving the guy instead of looking for Dennis, she blames the Ice Man for his death, she refers to the him as "one of them" and a "freak", Joanne becomes enraged and attacks the guy, he shoves really hard across the bed. He didn't mean to but Luke didn't care now he attacks the guy but he grabs Luke by his throat and begins to freeze him. Joanne grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the guy in the back, he falls, then Joanne repeatedly stabs him until he's dead.


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