Hooded people 3

A row of hooded fugitives(2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th are a hooded Hiro, Tracy, female fugitive 2 and Sparrow, 4th may be a hooded Flint)

In A Clear and Present Danger, the evolved humans who were captured are wearing prison jumpsuits, drugged and are hooded. They are called hooded fugitives because of this.

Description Edit

Hooded person 3

A female fugitive wearing the described hood

Hooded fugitives usually appear to be wearing headgear consisting of a hood, earmuffs, blacked-out googles, and a drug-tube to suppress super-powered abilities. Their hood is black and appears to be rectangular and they wear blacked-out googles over the hood. The earmuffs don't seem to stop them from hearing, based on a documentary showing a hooded prisoner talking to a guard, but the drugs do make them semi-unconscious, as shown when Tracy Strauss was redrugged after talking with Nathan Petrelli in Trust and Blood.

Hooded tracy

A hooded female fugitive 2's goggles are adjusted

The googles and hoods were not used again on captives after episode, 'Trust and Blood.' Tracy and Mohinder, the only people in the episode to be re-captured in 'Trust and Blood,' only wore the jumpsuit in episodes afterward. The rest if the equipment does not make a reappearance after this point.
Tracy glove

Tracy, shackled, handcuffed and wearing gloves

In A Clear and Present Danger, captives were first seen handcuffed and shackled. Tracy is the only hooded fugitive who wears gloves. However, both Flint and Peter, who are pyrokinetic and can become a pyrokinetic once they come into contact with something or someone, are not wearing gloves.

Because Claire was mistakenly caught, is being protected from this operation by her two fathers, Noah Bennet and Nathan Petrelli, and, as Nathan's daughter, she gets a free pass, Claire is a special case. She was not shackled to the other prisoners but, instead, her hood and headgear are removed when she is immediately brought to her father, Nathan, who undrugs Claire and he releases her. Later, when Claire sneaks aboard the plane as a stowaway to release the captives, she removes the hoods, drug tubes, and headgear from Hiro and Matt. The only time a hooded fugitive was seen without both goggles and earmuffs was when Tracy was recaptured in episode 'Trust and Blood'.

To suppress super-powered abilities, captives are drugged via a drug-tube connected to an ability negation system strapped to their chests. The drugs are administered through their nose and cause them to become lethargic. They don't move unless prompted and are mostly still with subtle head or body movements as shown when they were removed from vans and boarded onto the plane.

The drugs appeared to have different effects on evolved humans. When Claire was brought to Nathan after being mistakenly caught by Danko's agents, she looked like she would collapse, whereas everyone else could stand on their own. She had to be supported by the two guards bringing her to Nathan. After Nathan removes her drug tube, he needed to carry Claire to his car to send her home when he released her. However, it appears Claire was not drugged to the same extent as the others because she appears to have more energy in her movements whereas the others barely moved. The only times captives were undrugged was when Nathan released Claire, when Claire unhooded Hiro, and when Tracy was recaptured. When Hiro was undrugged, he seemed to be nearly unconscious as he did not immediately awaken when he was unhooded. On the other hand, Tracy regained alertness instantly when her drug tube was removed once she was unhooded. When Tracy was recaptured, she was only hooded and not re-drugged. She moved with a great deal of energy when restrained but, oddly enough, didn't look like she was trying to escape.

Due to the state they're in when drugged, the hooded fugitives never speak when hooded or otherwise. They are also completely silent without any vocalization such as moaning. Even when Tracy was recaptured, she was only hooded, yet we never hear her voice, not even a grunt, though she could possibly have been trying to escape, but then again, she only acted like any other person would in her situation and she didn't look like she was trying to escape. In all likelihood though, even if they did speak while hooded, their voice would probably sound the same, based on a hooded prisoner's voice was heard through his hood in a certain documentary. Though one wonders what'd happen if they were hooded, but not drugged and wearing earmuffs or when someone speaks to them when they're not drugged or not wearing earmuffs.

History and resolution of the government round-up operation Edit

Hooded tracy 2

A hooded Tracy with her hair slipping out

In Volume Four, evolved humans were rounded up as a result of a government operation headed by Senator Nathan Petrelli after the events of Volume Three, until he loses control of the operation and is ultimately hunted himself. His intentions were to capture all evolved humans and "cure" them of their abilities. However, Nathan makes exceptions for himself, his mother, and his daughter, Claire Bennet, all of whom are evolved humans but not targets under his leadership. Emile Danko is hired as the primary hunter to round up evolved humans. Noah Bennet, Claire's other father, assists Nathan in running the operation based on his years of experience at the Company. However, Danko, unlike Nathan and Noah, views evolved humans as "monsters" that need to be killed whereas Nathan views them as people who need to be safely quarantined until a "cure" can be found. Danko is also in conflict with Nathan and Noah over their protection of their daughter, Claire, who Nathan and Noah must protect from Danko's wrath, and their shared partiality to Nathan's brother, Peter. Nathan begins to lose control of this operation when, unbeknownst to him, Danko frames Tracy Strauss and Matt Parkman for instigating murder and terrorist situations to make it appear evolved humans are extremely dangerous.

In episode 'Shades of Grey,' Danko exposes Nathan's status as an evolved human and Nathan's authority over the operation ends. Realizing this means the end of Claire's free pass, Nathan rescues Claire and flies her to Mexico to protect her from his botched operation. Nathan, now having become a fugitive on the run and working to keep his daughter safe from Danko, realizes his operation was wrong and makes the decision to take it down. After Nathan's exposure, Danko seizes control and relentlessly pursues his own agenda to kill evolved humans, teaming up with Sylar to do so, and also targets Angela Petrelli, who, like Claire, was previously safe from this operation before Danko took over. Meanwhile, Noah covers for Angela, keeping Danko off her track, while Angela and Noah covertly work together to overthrow Danko. Once their family is reunited, Angela, Peter, Nathan, Claire and Noah work to take down the government operation by the end of volume four and protect the existence of evolved humans. By the beginning of volume five, the government operation has been dismantled.

Capture Edit

Hooded matt

A hooded Matt being dragged out of a van.

Based on the events in episode A Clear and Present Danger with references to graphic novel Rebellion,Part 1, it appears Tracy was captured first in her home, forced to wear gloves, and may have been the first to be captured or captured that day. Mohinder was captured after being betrayed by Noah Bennet, who is helping Nathan with the operation. After visiting his mother's house, Peter Petrelli was met by his brother, Nathan, who gives Peter a chance to side with him but Peter refuses. Peter is then tasered and captured by Noah Bennet. Earlier, when Angela calls Nathan to inform him of Claire's concerns about Sylar still being alive, Nathan orders Angela to keep Claire home, explaining he wants to keep Claire out of this entire operation, and that his agents are about to capture Peter and Matt Parkman. Having overheard this conversation between her father and grandmother, Claire calls Peter to warn him and arrives at Matt's apartment, where she warns Matt. When Matt is captured at his apartment, Claire is mistakenly caught at as well, despite Nathan's orders not to capture her. Once Claire is brought to Nathan, Nathan releases his daughter, reveals he has given her a free pass, and puts her in his car to send her back home.

Hooded person 3

A hooded female fugitive with a hooded Mohinder behind the person behind her

Hiro was captured while watching over Ando (note: it isn't known whether or not this takes place after all the other captures or before). Sylar was supposed to be captured but he killed the team. Finally, the Dawsons (Monica, Nana and Damon) were captured after Monica came back home but Micah escaped and went to his school. Meanwhile, the others were captured, Sparrow Redhouse was captured in a city, the others were captured in Parts Unknown(It was revealed in the graphic novels that Sparrow Redhouse, the Dawsons and Flint were among the hooded fugitives).

Hooded hiro

A hooded Hiro in the middle

The captives are eventually hooded, drugged and dressed in orange jumpsuits and put into vans. Claire, who was mistakenly captured, was also hooded and drugged until her release, but wasn't handcuffed or shackled to the other prisoners due to her being Nathan's daughter. She was a special circumstance because, under Nathan's orders, was not supposed to be a captive as Nathan had given her a free pass and he freed Claire once she was brought to him. Damon, another evolved human, wasn't brought to the airplane hangar. It is speculated that his presence would be rather off-putting considering in A Clear and Present Danger, there's no one his size or because he was small child. It is unknown if he was captured in the same way the other evolved humans were.

The captives are then brought to an airplane hangar to get ready to be transported to a containment facility with Nathan overseeing them and are split into two sides to sit inside the plane. Danko brings Claire to Nathan, who releases Claire and sends her back home. After boarding the plane, the hooded fugitives are then seated. Claire, despite being put into a car by Nathan to take her home, manages to get out of the car and sneaks onto the plane as a stowaway. She unhoods Hiro, but due to not wanting to get caught, rehoods him but he does not appear to wake up, despite his drug-tube being removed. She then unhoods Peter and Mohinder and after absorbing Mohinder's strength, Peter beats the guards while Claire unhoods Tracy and removes her gloves, who after being undrugged gasps for breath, Hiro who immediately wakes up, female fugitive and Matt. Peter forces Claire to take a taser while Peter tries to free the others but he is unable to reach Sparrow, Flint, Nana, Monica, female fugitive 2 and 2 and the unidentified captives in time. Claire discovers her other father, Noah, is the co-pilot of the plane and is angry both her fathers are involved in this operation. Due to accidentally absorbing Tracy's powers, Peter loses his strength and after accidentally freezing a side of the plane, causing a hole, the hooded fugitives stay seated not knowing of the danger they're in. As the plane goes down, a hooded Sparrow gets her seat ripped out of the plane and as she falls down, her earmuffs and goggles are ripped from her hooded face, but she uses her amplified powers to soften her landing. Meanwhile, the plane crashes and surprisingly, none of the hooded fugitives die. The Dawsons were recaptured while Flint dies from being shot in the head due to orders to the capture team to not ally with the enemy.
Hooded claire 6

A hooded Claire being brought to her father, Nathan, who releases her.

While the unhooded escape, it is unknown what happened to the other hooded fugitives. The fates and status of female fugitive 1 and 2, the Dawsons, and the other hooded fugitives were not revealed. 

In the episode, Trust and Blood, nearly all other captives escape after the crash but Peter and the stowaway, Claire, are found by Noah. Peter manages to escape while both Claire's fathers, Noah and Nathan, release her again. They convince Claire to go back home to live a normal life. At home, Claire is contacted by Rebel and she uses her free pass from this round-up operation to help hide evolved humans from the government and her fathers. Tracy is the only captive to be caught again. She is imprisoned at the end of episode, Trust and Blood.

Meanwhile, Peter escapes the crash scene and finds Tracy. After being left by Peter due to her almost betraying him, Tracy was captured again but was only hooded. She is then kept in a van for an undetermined length of time and is unhooded when Nathan talks with her. After the talk, she is then rehooded and drugged. Tracy isn't hooded again after this episode, nor are they seen on anybody else. Tracy is restrained and kept in a heated room to suppress her powers.

In Exposed, Rebel shows Peter and Matt security footage of the hooded fugitives at the airplane hangar in A Clear and Present Danger. The footage shown when they see it shows a hooded Matt, female fugitive, Peter, Mohinder, Hiro and Tracy. Due to a deal gone bad after Matt gets captured, Peter leaks the footage and the footage shown to the public shows a hooded Matt, female fugitive, Hiro, Tracy, Flint, female fugitive 2 and Sparrow.

Micah goes to search for Monica, Nana and Damon and finds the latter two in a safehouse while finding Monica in another place.

Due to the operation ending after the events of Volume Four, the other hooded fugitives were released into the public and the ones who went into hiding went out of hiding.


Trivia Edit

  • Of the hooded fugitives, only 6, which are Claire, Matt, Mohinder, Peter, Hiro and Tracy, are the main characters of Heroes and Claire was not actually a captive because she was mistakenly caught, given a free pass by Nathan from this operation, and she was released twice. And Monica and Sparrow don't count due to being a main character only in Season 2 and in the Rebellion graphic novels respectively.
    • Of the known hooded fugitives, five are males (Matt, Mohinder, Peter, Hiro and Flint). Seven are females, which are Monica, Nana, Tracy, female fugitive 1, 2, Sparrow, and Claire, but Claire doesn't count, because she was not supposed to be caught due to being under the protection of her fathers, Noah and Nathan, was given a free pass, and was released. There is only one hooded fugitive left whose gender and identity are unknown and it's hard to tell who that is, considering the hooded fugitive in front of Hiro, the hooded fugitive behind female fugitive and the hooded fugitive behind Peter could either be a hooded Nana or a hooded Monica.
      • Matt is the first hooded fugitive to be seen. Claire is the first to be unhooded but, due to Nathan granting her immunity from this operation, is not a captive. Hiro is the first official hooded captive to be unhooded. And Tracy is the last hooded fugitive to be hooded and unhooded.
  • Hooded claire 6

    A hooded Claire with one button unput

    Of the hooded captives, the only mistakenly caught one is Claire, due to being Nathan's daughter and, as such, was granted a free pass.
    • An odd thing about Claire in her hooded captive uniform is that there's one button unput. This could be to differentiate her from the other prisoners as she was not intended to be a captive.
      • Oddly enough, he allows the capture, hooding and drugging of his own brother and ex but not his own daughter despite knowing better that she'd interfere and doesn't capture his own mother despite the fact that she's done some horrible things.
  • Hooded tracy 2

    A hooded Tracy with her hair slipping out

    In the airplane hangar scene, oddly enough, Tracy is the only hooded fugitive who has her hair sticking out of her hood. Admittedly, of the hooded fugitives, Tracy, Claire, Monica, Sparrow and female fugitive 2 are the only female hooded fugitives who have long hair, but Tracy's the only one who has her hair sticking out (Monica and Sparrow don't count due to being played by extras in this episode) and female fugitive 2's hair is braided so it probably wouldn't stick out and Claire's hair must've been well managed inside her hood to not stick out.
    • Also, in a rather odd coincidence, most of the hooded prisoners have short hair, yet of the long-haired hooded fugitives, only one has her hair sticking out.
  • Tracy and Claire are both the most distinctive of the hooded fugitives, aside from Tracy's gloves. Tracy is the only hooded fugitive who has her hair slipping out of her hood and Claire is the only one who was mistakenly caught and her jumpsuit has one button unput.
  • Only half of the hooded fugitives, which are, Matt, Mohinder, Peter, Hiro, Tracy, female fugitive and Claire are shown unhooded in the episode. The other hooded fugitives were later revealed in graphic novels.
  • Sylar is the only failed capture of the evolved humans, meaning Sylar was supposed to be a hooded fugitive, making one wonder what would've happened if he became a hooded fugitive.
  • Tracy may be the unluckiest hooded fugitive. Not only is she the first to be captured, as far as we know, she was wearing a bathrobe when she was captured and may have been hooded and drugged the longest of the hooded fugitives, considering she gasped for breath when she was unhooded by Claire. She then indirectly caused the plane she was on to crash and then, when almost betraying Peter due to stupidly believing that the man who caused her to be hooded in the first place would fulfill his end of the bargain, got left behind only for her to get recaptured and was possibly hooded for 42 hours and left inside a van. She is then rehooded and redrugged and kept at Building 26.
  • The first hooded fugitive to ever be seen is Matt in A Clear and Present Danger's hangar scene, while the first to be unhooded is Claire moments afterwards. Incidentally, Matt is also the final person to be unhooded in the episode.
    • Tracy is the final fugitive shown to be hooded and unhooded in the series' entirety (in Trust and Blood) discounting the security footage shown in Exposed.
  • Why Nathan never hoods the other prisoners ever again after Trust and Blood is a mystery, considering the prisoners would have no chance of seeing and fighting back is useless when they can't even see.

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