Holt McCallany is the American actor who portrays Ricky.


Holt has had small roles in many TV shows, such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order:Criminal Intent, Law & Order:SVU, and Medium on NBC. He has also appeared as Detective John Hagen in eleven episodes of CSI:Miami. Holt's film credits include small roles in Alien3, Fight Club, Three Kings, Men of Honor, and Alpha Dog. Following Heroes, Holt landed the lead role in the television show Lights Out.

Holt has shared the screen with Heroes cast members Elizabeth Lackey (in L.A. Sheriff's Homicide), Darryl Chan (in Jade), and Nina Mann (in Tyson), with Antonio Fargas (in Shakedown), as well as with Stephen Tobolowsky, Jack Guzman, Dan Warner, Stacy Haiduk, and Andre Royo (in CSI: Miami).

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