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Character HistoryEdit

Series 1 of the figures contains:

1. Peter Petrelli

2. Claire Bennet

3. Hiro nakamura

4. Mohinder suresh

5. sylar

Series 2 Contains:

1. Niki Sanders

2. Claude Rains

3. Noah Bennet

4. Matt Parkman with Molly Walker

5. Daniel Linderman



A third series has been planned and is now due out in stores soon. The series contains Elle Bishop, Ireland Peter, The Haitian, Nathan Petrelli and Hiro as Kensei.


In addition, a fourth wave has been planned. With no word from anyone on why the third wave has been delayed yet is sold out on most websites that allow pre-orders, it seems that we will have to wait and see who actually appears in the fourth wave.

Since there are many changes, the Second series did not include a Futre Peter variant, but each wave does have it's own variants, such as "Fire Rescue Claire", 'Future Hiro' and others.

A proposed fourth wave of the Heroes figures includes Maya Herrera, Claire Bennet called "California Claire", Adam Monroe, Gabriel Gray and Ando Masahashi


Apparent CancellationEdit

With no word from the creator's of the figures on the issue of cancellation, the Heroes action figures may be extinct. The third wave which contained Elle, Nathan, Kensei Hiro, Ireland Peter and the Haitian is far overdue for release.

At February 2009's Toy Fair, Mezco did not have any products to show and they have listed the third wave as "SOLD OUT AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE" on their company's website.

So, as it seems at the current time, the Heroes figures' collectors will not get to finish their main cast line-up as Nathan may never be produced.