The helix

The helix is a symbol that appears quite frequently throughout the series. In Godsend, the symbol appears on the sword hilt and Ando Masahashi remarks that it appears to be a combination of two Kanji characters: (才 Sai) meaning "Great Talent" and (与 Yo) meaning "Godsend". During an interview at the Wizard World in Los Angeles, writer and Co-Producer Aron Coleite stated that it literally means "God sending great ability." Writer and co-executive producer Micheal Green stated that the writers know it as "the helix". This symbol frequently appears as a pattern formed by mundane objects, but it also appears on certain plot-significant items and on several characters:

  • Printed on the front of Dr. Chandra Suresh's book, Activating Evolution.
  • On a drawing of the future made by Peter Petrelli.
  • On a post-it note placed on Mohinder's recreation of his father's enhanced persons map.
  • As the logo of the Helix Comics Group, the publisher for Isaac Mendez' Ninth Wonders comic book.
    • The logo also appears in the artwork of Ninth Wonders Issue #14 on a screen in Times Square behind Hiro Nakamura.
  • On various paintings by Isaac Mendez.
  • In Chandra Suresh's algorithm program to find variations in genetic code, formed by DNA proteins when the entire program is viewed on a computer.
  • In the pool at the Walkers' house after Mr. and Mrs. Walker were murdered by Sylar.
  • On The Haitian's necklace.
  • On Jessica's back whenever she surfaces as Niki Sanders' alternate personality. When Jessica is repressed, the symbol does not appear on Niki's back. This also appeared on a painting of "Jessica" by Isaac. The symbol was hidden under an extra layer of paint. Later on, Jessica hides the symbol (an apparent tattoo) under a layer of foundation makeup.
  • On the hilt of a katana once owned by 16th-century samurai Takezo Kensei, the earliest known manifestation of the symbol.
  • On one of Claire Bennett's schoolbooks when she takes it out of her locker.
  • On one Claire's notebooks early in Volume One.
  • Several times in Company Man:
  • On Peter's arm when he is in Ireland.
  • On all of Molly Walker's nightmare drawings of Maury Parkman in "Four Months Later...".
  • In Molly's eyes when she was distressed about Maury Parkman.
  • Shaped in the ashes of the container of the Shanti Virus before they blew away.
  • The logo of the Pinehearst Company is formed by a slightly altered representation of two helixes.
  • On a wound in Nathan's hand.
  • Twice in "Four Months Later..."
    • On a picture of Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli signifying their death in 24 hours. These 2 pictures were once apart of a picture with all the 12 founding members of The Company. The picture of Kaito is later taken as evidence by the NYPD after he is murdered by a hooded assailant.
    • Peter is wearing the symbol as a necklace when he is found with amnesia in Ireland.