Hal Sanders is the adoptive father of Niki Sanders and the biological father of Jessica Sanders. He was a drunk during Niki and Jessica's childhood. He would also abuse Jessica and it eventually lead to her death. Abusing Jessica cause Niki to develop her alternate personality Both Niki and Niki's persona of Jessica resent him for the years of abuse

Six Months AgoEdit

Hal finds Nikki at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, he then expresses his feeling to Nikki, he tells her that wants to be in her life again. Afterwards, Hal comes to visit Niki, Micah and D.L. at their house. Hal bought a new laptop for Micah, he gave it to him as a gift then they all eventually begin talking about finances and how they need more money so that Mich could get into a good private school.

A little while later, Hal finds that Micah has taken apart the brand new laptop that he just bought him, Hal then yells at Micah for, telling him it cost "$2,000",D.L. and Niki enter the room and confront him about the yelling, he gives Niki a blank check and says, "I have no business being here. I owe you more than an apology can ever do". Then Hal leaves the house Later, Nikki shows up at his hotel room, then its revealed that its not Nikki, its really Jessica. She tosses Hal against the dresser, she accuses him of accidentally killing Jessica. then she tells Hal that for all the years that Hal has abused her, Niki's personality was never aware; Jessica's personality took all of the hits, and bottled all of the rage. Then she throws him down and shoves his gift check into his mouth and tells him to never come back