Gretchen Berg is the roommate of Claire in college, after Annie was pushed out of a window and killed by Becky.

Character HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Gretchen, except the fact that she has a crush on Claire Bennet. Becky, Samuel's "niece" killed Claire's first roommate Annie, by pushing her out a window, and now tried to kill Gretchen twice while on their "scavenger hunt", but both times Claire saves her. Noah Bennet brings Gretchen to his apartment to cheer up Claire, then Claire takes the compass and goes with Gretchen to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.


  • Orientation / Jump, Push, Fall
  • Ink
  • Hysterical Blindness
  • Strange Attractors
  • Shadowboxing
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Fifth Stage
  • Pass/Fail
  • The Art of Deception
  • The Wall.

Heroes Reborn.Edit

There has not been an answer to why Gretchen and Claire are not still dating four years later. It's unknown if Gretchen was at the Peace Summit that took place in Odessa. It's possible that this is a what if future.


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