The Gemini Formula is the injection created when combining EVO DNA with the Gemini Matrix. The Gemini Matrix was created by Trevor Mason at the Quarry.


Reciepent Power(s) Donor
Dahlia Hays Space-Time Manipulation Cassandra Hays
Cassandra Hays Telekinesis Dahlia Hays
Trevor Mason Plasmakinesis Unknown


  • There were seventy-one test subjects who died due to being injected with the formula.
  • So far the only successful test subjects are the Hays sisters and its creator.
  • Mason mixes the Gemini Matrix with Evo DNA in test tubes with various labels.
    • "TK" stands for telekinesis.
    • "TS" stands for time shift. (Heroes Reborn: Enigma, Level 27]])
    • "PK" stands for plasmakinesis. (Gemini: Heroes Reborn)
    • There are others labeled "WH".
  • Between the vault and two rooms outside the vault there are 117 total test tubes. (Heroes Reborn: Enigma, Level 27)
    • Twenty-two test tubes of "TS".
    • Thirty-two test tubes of "TK".
    • Thirty test tubes of "WH".
    • Thirty-three test tubes of "PK".
  • The test tubes are kept in groups of 6, numerous groupings are missing one test tube each. (Heroes Reborn: Enigma, Level 27)
    • Two test tubes of "TS" are missing.
    • Four test tubes of "TK" are missing.
    • Five test tubes of "WH" are missing.
    • Three test tubes of "PK" are missing.

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