250px-Flight 195

Flight 195 is ready for takeoff

Flight 195 is a plane that transports evolved humans.


At an airplane hangar, hooded prisoners, Tracy, Mohinder, Matt, Peter, Hiro, an unknown female fugitive, an unknown male fugitive, Sparrow Redhouse, Nana and Monica Dawson, Flint Gordon and an unknown fugitive are loaded onto the plane as prisoners. Though Claire is sent back home by her father, Nathan, who grants her immunity from this round-up, she manages to get out of the car Nathan put her in and runs to the plane. Claire sneaks into a landing wheel bay, unseen by Nathan or anybody else. As the plane lifts off, Nathan looks on and then walks away.

Aboard the plane, Claire emerges into the cargo hold and unhoods one prisoner, Hiro, who remains unconscious. Unfortunately, she has to put his hood back on as the guards look to her direction. She unhoods Peter and Mohinder. Peter absorbs Mohinder's power to break free. While Peter attacks the guards, Claire unhoods Tracy, Hiro, an unnamed female fugitive and Matt.

Claire grabs a taser and goes to the cockpit, stunning one guard and telling the pilot to land. She discovers, to her surprise, that her other father, Noah, is in the co-pilot's seat.

Peter tries to free Tracy as another guard attacks him. He gains Tracy's power and inadvertently touches the side of the plane. It freezes and shatters. The guards and at least one prisoner are swept out due to the depressurization. As the plane starts to go down, the netting Peter is holding onto comes unfastened and he starts to get swept out as well. Mohinder grabs him but starts to lose his grip.

Everyone survives and the crash site is destroyed by air strike.

Meanwhile, Micah goes down in tears and erases information on the prisoner manifest list as the plane goes down. Discovering Claire has a free pass, Micah (as Rebel) contacts Claire after she is again released and sent by home by her dads, Noah and Nathan. At the end of 'Trust and Blood', Claire agrees to use her free pass to help Rebel hide evolved humans from the government.

List of passengersEdit

  • Tracy Strauss
  • Hiro Nakamura
  • Matt Parkman
  • Mohinder Suresh
  • Flint Gordon
  • Nana Dawson
  • Monica Dawson
  • Female fugitive
  • Male fugitive
  • Sparrow Redhouse
  • Hooded fugitive
  • Peter Petrelli
  • Claire Bennet (stowaway)



  • According to co-executive producer Greg Beeman's blog, Flight 195 was actually shot using two different planes: A C-123 was used for the exterior shots of the plane and a C-130 for the cockpit work.
  • The plane is designed to hold 12 passengers.

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