Power Flight
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Active
Family Information
First Episode Under the Mask
Portrayed By Rachael Ancheril


Fiona is fugitive EVO with the ability of Flight, she is currently on the run.

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Under the Mask", Fiona has been captured, tied up and tortured in an abandoned warehouse in East Los Angeles by James Dearing and two of his men. They want to know the location of El Vengador's underground railroad. Dearing pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot her if she doesn't give up the location but she still refuses to tell them anything, then she headbutts him and he throws her out the window but he's unaware of her ability and she flies away but she is unaware the there is a tracker on her, and she leads Dearing right to her hideout. She is with her allies telling them that its time to leave and that they'll be receiving help from the priest. Then El Venador enters and tells them to leave out the back because they've been tracked.


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