The Explosion Future
Explosion in ny
First Mentioned: Hiros
Outcome: New York city explodes.

The Explosin Future is what would've happened if the explosion destroyed New York City.


In "Genesis" Hiro Nakamura time travels to New York in the future.

In "Don't Look Back", Hiro is aimlessly wandering through New York when he stumbles upon a 9th Wonders! comic depicting all the events that lead him to where his currently. He goes to find Isaac Mendez, the artist behind the comic but he's too late. by the time Hiro gets there, Isaac is dead, the top of his head had been cut off then the police come storming in, they interrogate him, this leads to the realization that he has time traveled five weeks into the future. He then hears a very large noise, Hiro looks out the window and sees the explosions, just seconds before it gets to him, he teleports out.

In "Hiros", Future Hiro Nakamura finds Peter Petrelli on a subway train and tells him if he saves the Cheerleader, he can prevent the explosion.

In "Parasite", Hiro and Ando teleport to the future, more specifically, The Deveaux Building, they look on to the city and sees that it has been completely decimated.

In ".07%", Hiro and Ando are still in New York, it is barely recognizable, the city is completely in ruins. Then they go to Isaac Mendez's loft to find that it's also been destroyed.

In "Fight or Flight", Maury Parkman has gotten into Nathan's head and gives him a nightmare of New York City destroyed. Nathan is on the Deveaux Building, ashes are falling from the sky then shortly after, Matt Parkman stops the nightmare.

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