Eternal Fortress
The fortress
First Mentioned: Game Over
Outcome: Prison

The Eternal Fortress is a prison inside the computer game Evernow that's be designed to hold the Master of Time and Space.


In Evernow, Miko Otomo meets a creation of Hachiro Otomo, he explains to her that he's there to guide Miko on through her journey to rescue the "Master of Time and Space", who is trapped inside the prison, AKA The Eternal Fortress. Richard Schwenkman created a cloaking system that hid the location of the prison before Miko could get to it. Miko showed Ren Shimosawa the symbol seen on the prison and he was able to find in the real world through using similar images from a internet search engine. The symbol matches the Renautas research division. Thus the discovery of the real world counter-part of the Eternal Fprtress. The main entrance is guarded by the Kaiju Bandit.

The bandit was eventually killed by Ren and Miko. The prison also contains a dark version of Miko Otomo whose job is to stop anyone from freeing the master of time and space. During the battle between good Miko and dark Miko, its revealed that if Miko frees the prisoner, the game will come to a end and she will die with it.





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