Enhanced Strength is the power to exercise physical force well in excess of what would be considered normal for an ordinary human of a given age, sex and build. Possessors of this power also seem to possess an increased resistance to injury while using their increased strength.

Also CalledEdit

  • Advanced Human Strength
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Super Strength


Enhanced Strength has manifested itself in a number of different ways:

Niki Sanders - Her alter ego, Jessica, had superhuman physical strength sufficient to physically dominate and kill people much larger than her, often several at a time. She was able to tear people in half (literally) and tear the door off an office safe with her bare hands. In addition to being able to exert such force, she had the ability to resist the forces she applied, so she was not injured when performing superhuman feats of strength. There was no evidence that she had unusual resistance to other sources of injury. Her strength wasn't limited to her upper body, as she was able to send D.L. flying with a kick. (Fallout)

When she first discovered it, Niki was unable to access this power without Jessica taking control. One of the first times she was able to actively use it on her own was after Jessica encouraged her to do so (How to Stop an Exploding Man). As she was physically the same person, she presumably had the same limits as Jessica.

Peter Petrelli - He absorbed this ability from Niki in How to Stop an Exploding Man, and used it to effectively bloody Sylar's face. Later when Peter used this ability, he demonstrated enough concentrated strength to throw a man against a wall by punching him at the chest (Lizards).

After returning from the future, he is strong enough to easily hold Sylar against a wall with one hand. With a mere twist of his wrist he completely broke Sylar's neck (Angels and Monsters).

When Peter replicated this ability from Mohinder, he was able to break out of metal restraints and easily fight off a government agent (A Clear and Present Danger). Peter has since replicated it again, and used it to save numerous lives as a paramedic. Aside from physical strength, Peter was also able to perform great leaps (Orientation).

Knox - He states that he can increase his strength by absorbing the fear of others who are around him. His assignment tracker profile says he can convert ambient emotions into enhanced strength. These claims are supported by Knox's ability to detect fear in other people. Enhanced by the fear of numerous hostages, he was able to punch through the body of the German and make a hole in the metal locker behind him (One of Us, One of Them). In a possible future, Knox tells Claire that he can "smell" her fear while being unable to smell any fear from Daphne. After the accidental death of Noah Gray, his source of fear, his strength disappears immediately when Sylar strikes back, leaving him vulnerable (I Am Become Death).

Knox seems to inhale deeply before utilizing his strength (I Am Become Death). He also trembles violently with great amounts of fear (Eris Quod Sum).

Without feeding on the fear of others, Knox is only as strong as a normal person. He attempts to bend a steel bar while no one is around but cannot. (Hard Knox, Part 2)

Michael Fitzgerald - When he uses this power his eyes and tattoos glow.

Arthur Petrelli - stole this power from Peter.

Scott - (artificial) (deceased)

Mohinder - He had superhuman strength along with some kind of a "bug" power when he injected himself with his imperfect formula. After injecting himself with the perfected formula, he now is cured of his insect-like affliction but retains his superhuman strength (artificial)

Whether this power is physiological or psionic in nature in unknown, however the fact that Niki Sanders can only reliably access this power when her alternate personality, Jessica, is dominant seems to imply the latter.

Known UsersEdit